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Let's start with what we aren't.

We're not a company "redefining luxury".

We're not a company catering to a niche in a niche.

We're not a company looking to make it big on massive price tags.

We are petrolheads, gearheads, car enthusiasts and what ever name you'd like to label guys and girls who love tearing down engines, building up unique vehicles, twisty roads, tracks and 1/4 mile straights.

We design and build our watches with passion, including automotive aesthetics in a way that includes all types of enthusiasts. Whether you've got a hand-built drag pass car pushing 9's, a weekend track day machine that you can boast was faster in the corners than your rival or a daily driver that you'll never let go of; Aevum has you covered.

Aevum has a few meanings, but the one that sticks with us is everlasting. Just like our passion for all things automotive, our love of beautifully crafted timepieces with meaning is eternal. That, and we make tough watches which will stand the test of the time they keep.

Our shield has more than one meaning for us. The shield represents strength and durability, something we strive to uphold with our products through quality inspections and our 2 year manufacturers defect warranty.

The other meaning of our shield is in its pattern. The shield is a black and white checkered design - we all know what that symbolizes for us race fans and participants.

Since the successful launch of the Apex, we've been working on what comes next. We currently have two new models in designing; the Technician and the Advance. We're strong beleivers in getting feedback from our Aevum watch owners and through this community interaction have decided to move forward with the Advance first.

Just like the Apex, the Advance and all new models to come will have automotive flare! The Apex has its racetrack right corner case back art with the "apex line" showcased through the bend as well as its tach-redline design for the second markers. The Advance will carry timing cues; cam degrees around the chapter ring, a timing mark that is lumed where the crown is and a double gasket crown with an adjustable cam gear design.

This is the start of Aevum and our future will be exciting. Come along for the ride!


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